Snazzy Cupcakes with Nicola

So Nicola and i have planned this ‘Baking sesh’ for MONTHS and when i mean months i mean a year and a half!  so on Thursday, straight after work (leaving 15 minutes earlier and feeling like the biggest rebel ever) i met Nic at Sainsbury’s to do a quick shop and went straight to hers to get our baking Groove on. We decided on a simple vanilla cupcake but wanted to focus on the decorating. since doing the level 1 cake course nic though i could teach a few (which was kind of a flop) but hey i can say it looked pertty damn good. sorry i have literally come back from staying at my aunts for the weekend and have been watching ‘Here comes Honey Boo Boo’, with Jenny, so i’ve kinda been talking like that. Anyway getting back to the story we made some lovely Humingbird Recipe cupcakes. honestly i can say everything turned out right. but the downfall was hat it actually took us three hours to create these so we were impressed and exhausted. so as you can see we actually made an effort to pipe out, h i absolutely loved Nic’s piping bag is amazing! from Lakeland.  And then topped off with fondant.

 the cupcakes

this one is just like the best. like its just too Pertty to Eat!


for some weird reason this one just reminded me of Marc Jacobs, Daisy. no? you can say its a designer cake.



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One response to “Snazzy Cupcakes with Nicola

  1. Nicola

    They were worth the patience making, I am that they turned out well 🙂

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