The Repugnant Raspberry Ripple Cake

Now I told y’all i’m not a professional and my work don’t always turn out right. And this is my first example: the Raspberry ripple cake. let me explain to you my initial idea:

A lovely pink and vanilla sponge, marbled in a loaf tin shape. Nice chunks of raspberries plonked in through out the sponge, like you get with chocolate and raspberry brownies. BUT NO! instead it turns out disastrous. The cake was like a mushy pile of s***.

Let’s see where i went wrong…


  • 200g granulated sugar
  • 200g olive oil Margarine
  • 180g Self-Raising Flour
  • 2 eggs
  • 1/2 tsp Vanilla extract
  • 1/4 tsp Almond essence
  • 150g whole Raspberries, crushed with a fork
  • tooth pick drop of concentrated ‘Dusky Pink’ Food Colouring Paste
  1. cream the margarine and sugar until palish (30 seconds)
  2. Add the eggs and beat in for couple of seconds until all combined
  3. Add spoonfuls of flour, bit by bit folding in the flour into the egg batter. Once all combined separate equal amount into separate bowls.
  4. Add the ‘crushed raspberries’ into one bowl with along with the food colouring.
  5. In the other add the vanilla and almond extract
  6. pour both mixture in spoonful by spoonful in a 2lbs loaf tin, layering and then marbling like you would with the marble cake.
  7. bake in he oven for 45 minutes and viola, disaster fresh out of the oven.

photo (5)

I don’t even need to explain what went wrong. i think you can make this out on your own. Like for starters, i know your probably wanting to scream at your poor little screens to me, “why would you use olive oil margarine?” “your part measurements are wrong!” so yeah the thought of what went through my head as i was creating the disaster. hmm. well the olive oil margarine thing was healthy, no? it wasn’t until recently i was told you never use granulated sugar because it makes the cakes crumbly and makes the top layer of the cake crispy; like rock solid. but i guess i was lazy ad couldn’t be bothered to run down to the corer shop and pick up some caster sugar. I KNOW MY FAULT!

photo (6)

So the real reason why i made this cake was because my brothers come back from my uncle’s, who’s currently staying in the north of Wales. so to show them how much i missed them, and being bored as an only child in the house for the week. i thought i’d make ’em a cake for when they come back to show how much i missed them buggers. INSTEAD it goes downhill  like everything does. it was mushy, stodgy, extra sweet. Basically all the wrong stuff you don’t want hear about a cake was THIS cake.

I Reckon the stodginess come from the raspberries (you don’t say Sherlock). i think because I ‘crushed’ them it affected the batter in a wrong way. and then the SUGAR was too much. i really think i have a to work out the proportions for each ingredient. I think i should of really added 225g of flour because the raspberries made the m too moist. haa innuendo there!

So I will re-do this gross cake again and see how i improved. please feel free to give me any tips or comments.


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