If you like Pina Coladas…

So d’you remember this song. Because it was stuck in my f***ing head all night whilst baking this cake. So I come home from cake Dec class (9pm) and get cracking on with the Halloween cake for Arji. And for some random reason, mum pops in the kitchen and starts talking about pineapple upside down cake. Where did that come from? And then this look on her face, full of delight as she asks, “Neet, are you making pineapple upside down cake?” and usually mum NEVER asks to me to make her a cake because it’s too many calories! And to be honest I was so determined to make Arji’s Halloween cake I kind of at first said I was just gonna make Arji’s cake BUT I’ll make the pineapple cake instead. And you know how mums are, the whole: “oh no don’t worry about me, you just carry on.”
Come on, you can’t do that to your mum can you? So like the good daughter I am incorporated mums favourite things into 1. So mums favourite fruit and cake of all time is pineapple upside down cake and pina coladas are her favourite cocktails. So I made a pina colada cake! 2 upside pineapple cakes with coconut butter cream with a splash of rum.
So I kind of experimented with the cake recipe. Recently I’ve fallen love with the Great Mary Berry recipe, of just bunging everything in the bowl and mixing in the mixer. But I don’t know; d’you ever get that feeling where you want to make the cake like by scratch where you make it with love, I mean are always…kind of. But then I guess I got a little lazy with the mixer and could really see what was going on I guess. I don’t know but I just had a moment I guess with my hand mix. Oh and I tried something else which I used from Great British Bake Off!


  • 125g Butter, room temperature
  • 125g Caster Sugar
  • 125g Plain Flour
  • 50g Ground Almonds
  • 4 Eggs
  • ¼ tsp. vanilla extract
  • Splash of milk or golden rum
  • 2 ¼ tsp. Baking Powder
  • 1 tin of Pineapple rings  in juice
  • 2 tbsp. sugar


  • 90g Butter
  • 50g cream cheese
  • 200g icing sugar
  • 1/2 cup of Shredded coconut
  • Splash of golden rum (entirely up to you-from 1 tbsp. to 4 tbsp, just ad 2 tbsp. more of icing sugar if adding 4)


  1. Cream butter and sugar until pale and fluffy
  2. Add all the eggs, vanilla and rum in and carry on whisking on high until really pale and thickish
  3. Sift in the flour and ground almonds and baking powder and fold in.
  4. Whack the whisk on high and whip batter until real thick and pale. If you want the batter a little looser then add rum (which is what I did).
  5. Line the tins and sprinkle sugar on the bottom of the tin first, then arrange the pineapple
  6. Spoon over the cake mix evenly and pop in the oven on 170c for 35-45 minutes or until golden and bouncy

Whilst cakes in the oven start on the butter cream:

  1. Whisk all ingredients until thick and smooth. DONE.
  2. Then WASH UP!
  3. Once cakes are done leave to cool for 30 minutes or until slightly warm, then take out and sandwich together the cream and cakes. The butter cream will melt but it meant to. Trust me when its warm like this… you can’t beat it.

batter whiskI was so impressed with the batter. Not sure if you can tell how pale and fluffy it is to normal. As you can see I dusted out of the cupboard my good friend, Mr. Handmix. i honestly believed i baked this cake with love. Like i usually laugh at some mugs who think that’s a key, but I guess i’m joining the crew!

cake liningSo this is how i lined my cake tins. i was watching GBBO and saw a lot of the contestants line their tins like and thought i’d give it a go. So i make the base as you would normally do. BUT then measure, roughly (add more length), 2 inches tall. Wrap round the inside of the only sticking the ends together, so NOT TIGHT. i know you’ll probably laugh but i actually used sellotape to stick together. Only a little so it wont kill. I will look into how they really stick it together, but this was my way for now.

pineapple arrangement close upLiterally its as simple as can be. throw a tbsp. of sugar on the bottom and place you tinned pineapple rings cut in half.

green batterDon’t laugh at me but we didn’t have any glace cherries in the cupboards, so I tried make it look like it was green cherries in the cake? Now i’m writing it back to yous’ i feel like it makes no sense. At the time it did, just not now! Anyway I think i saw Nigella used green cherries somewhere that why. Just don’t laugh at me please. Clever idea though, no?

cake in ovenI was soo fascinated with the way it had risen in the oven. Remember to take out when firm. ALWAYS wait till it looks firm. So about 35 – 40 mins. From experience DO NOT take it out the oven before. Trust me, you end up wrecking the rising process. You just have to have Faith and Patience in the Cake! Look how lovely and golden they are! when you stick a clean sharp skinny knife through and comes out clean and glossy from the butter, you knwo its done. EVEN if you find the smallest smudge on the knife, IT AINT DONE! so give it 10 minutes.

close up pineapple cakeSo my plan with the cherries didn’t go so well as you can see. didn’t make a difference in the taste thank god! but i tell you what i liked about the cake; i always usually get a bit of a crust on the edges, which tends to soften up after a couple of days. But this time it didn’t do that! IT WAS JUST SOFT MOIST AIRY CAKE THROUGHOUT!

pina colada cakeDon’t Laugh but I thought it would be pretty funny to do one of those cheesy shots, you know like when you see you holiday pictures. I thought it was cute but Ajay just laughed and said it looked Naff. I was a little insulted but I guess you learn from it. And from that I learnt Ajay can be a knobbish brother at times. moving on-As you can see I served it with whipped cream sweetened with a little icing sugar and rum sprinkled with a little coconut. Surprisingly mum really enjoyed it and ate most of it herself. Took some in to work and Carol absolutely loved it. so that was nice to see that not just mum enjoyed it. 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Give it a Go and tell me what you think. But maybe try using real glace cherries.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


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