Walrus Canteen in Manchester

Sorry for the delay…FYI this was experience on 13th November.

Okay so for my cousin, Sneeta’s 23rd, we celebrated with a weekend away in Manchester. And since Ajay kinda lives there at the moment we went for dinner with him. So with Sneeta, she makes out like she’s not a fussy eater, but trust me she is! Now Ajay thinks he knows Manchester like the back of his hand, he took us down a road which is just off the high street, where you see all these hide away places, like you would in Soho. That is what it literally reminded me of. which is where we came across Walrus.

To be honest we all said we didn’t want a typical burger place but then when you see a deal, £6 a meal, you kinda want to go in, no? I have to admit the waitress was a little…not with it shall we say, but the food was pretty decent. Unfortunately we didn’t get a cocktail. Which I think had to do with the late nights etc., so we were all living on ice cold lemon water.


Excluding the deal, the prices were considerably cheap but we just wanted the deal. For our orders; Jemma and I had the pulled pork toasty with a side salad, which honestly was pretty damn good, especially the salad which was really fresh and crisp, not just iceberg on a plate. Ajay and Kaj had the fish and chips with minted mushy peas, and Sneeta had the burger….typical. Now I’m the type who will suggest for others to get a dish that I may think sounds nice so I can have a try. It’s not selfish, I’m just ‘curious’. But trying a bit of everyone’s, I ‘thoroughly’ enjoyed it! Honestly if you are in Manchester and want somewhere a bit cheap to go, I seriously recommend it.

centre piece flower

If you wondering what we had for desert. We had this….

Daim cake

Cookie dough Cake – simple vanilla sponge with chocolate chips and light brown sugar, topped with caramel frosting and chocolate ganache. with cookie dough balls coated in chocolate sprayed gold.

It’s a little un-clean. BUT i wont be giving of the recipe for this disaster. I tried to freeze the cakes in advance and found they tasted like Daim cake you get from IKEA. and I HATE Daim cake. Wasn’t my best, I know. and since there was soo much left of it we decided to give it to a homeless person on the side-walk, with cutlery and everything. maybe next time it’ll work. but for now, i will NOT be freezing my cakes!


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