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1st Day Living HEALTHY!

Right, so most of the day i went really really healthy. The diet was to start yesterday (Monday) BUT thats another story… anywho, so what i ate today:


  • Β cup of Tea, milk and 2 sugars

I literally forgot to have breakfast. I know what your thinking, [GASP] “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. But seriously I just forgot. But to be honest i didn’t even get hungry all morning since work actually kept me occupied for the morning! i think thats kind of what you need is to keep busy during the day so you don’t pick at stuff like me and Aimee do.


  • Panfried Chicken breast with cajun seasoning a
  • seasoned quinoa
  • simple salad on the side

So i was very happy with my lunch. sat outside on the tables in the sun, well-ish- british weather ay? my highlight was the quinoa. i don’t know what mum put in the seasoning but it was de-lic-ious! i shall give the recipe for my lunch later!


  • Clippo Ice lolly
  • Wispa choc bar
  • Nectarine
  • Plum

This is where i go wrong. the nick nacks. the clippo was because of the sun. seriously its like when the sun comes out, me and Aimee are like mind readers and just know that we both crave an ice lolly! the Wispa bar was really naughty and i know. it was all in the heat of the moment and there was nothing in the fridge to eat. nectarine and plum, come on you know thats good. Β woop woop!

Now lets get down to business…


  • running for 16 minutes
  • powerish walking for 35minutes

so as you know i work in the local college. i know odd but hey ho. Its like a 5 minute drive in the car yet takes 35-40 minutes walking up hilly roads. so it is pretty good exercise i guess and i do this at least once a day (to work) but may get a lift back. After work me, Aimee and Nicole went to the gym like good girls but i only to do my run. well its kind of like i jog for 1 min 50 secs on 6 & the run 1min 50secs on 9 and then when when you get to the last 2minutes RUN on like 10 and then 12. That is when i feel the sweat like seriously i know i only ran for 16 minutes BUT i have started to wear these shorts which are like scuba diving shorts mum brought me but there meant to work your muscles more or something. I don’t know but all i can say is once i took them off i was sweating like mad.

So overall as the first i feel i did not-bad. A bit disappointed with the chocolate and ice lolly but i am pleased that i went to the gym after. i guess i have to sort of take baby steps. so lets see how the rest of the week goes and i shall keep up with the updates!



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