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Cake Gone Wrong

I won’t go into too much detail about this cake. It’s exactly like the cupcake but this time I used GRANULATED sugar. No matter how many times I do this I will never learn. Okay so if you’re wondering why I re-made this simple. Because Arji was craving cakes I thought I’d quickly whip this up again, but sadly ran out of caster sugar.

I now know how to answer to “why do you only use caster sugar in cakes?” well the answer is because if it’s granulated it doesn’t combine well in the batter. That’s what I noticed and when it bakes it kinda holds the weight down so it doesn’t rise as much AND it makes the cake stodgy which ain’t nice in a cake.

bad cake


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A Cake a Day will not keep the Doctor away.

For those of you who don’t know me, my dream ambition is to open up a tea shop. I know, how typical for a home baker to want to own a tea shop. Trust me this is different compared to my family, “I want to be a teacher, doctor, Architect bla bla bla”. Yes we are clichés, the whole Indian with a big money job, yeah. I kinda get odd looks from mum when I say how I want my tea shop to be. But to be honest I can genuinely see myself owning a business like that. So I have a business aim, save money and get experience. The obvious. And as you know I am not the greatest baker that ever lived. I like to say in the Larr house, I am but not everyone agrees. Excuse me in my little bubble, I tend to rattle on when I explain this. Anyway, I have set myself a challenge to bake every for a month. This came to me when an ASOS magazine came through the door and an entrepreneur talks about how she was a graphic designer in America and moved to London to open the first comic coffee shop. This made me realise that I may dream about this tea shop, but when shit hits the fan I won’t have anywhere to run. If I enjoy it, then I am determined to get my tea shop up and running ASAP, well once the bank allows me to that is. This way it helps me understand that if I enjoy this experience then it will be like this for the rest of my life. If not then I’m screwed.

If you’re wondering how I will get time to do this, its fine, I’m currently in search of a money making job. Not drugs, accounting. Aww yeah! The typical Asian job (I have been spending too much time with Ben and Rich). I didn’t get the sack; my contract came to an end and I decided it wasn’t any point me extending it as I would just get too comfortable whereas I need a job that can pay the bills. Hah I have no bills, just really need to save!

So join me fellow readers as we complete this journey together. So will my ambition succeed or will I need to deal that weed.

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