What’s this about?


Probably like every other food lover/blogger, most of your day is spent based on what you fancy for lunch or perhaps, like me, you like to sneakily peep at different recipes on the internet whilst in work, hoping that tilting your computer screen is discreet enough to hide it from your manager. I am not a chef or anything like that; I purely just love my food!

WARNING – my food won’t always turn out right but I guess that’s all part of learning. So if you have any free tips you want to share, feel free to pass ‘em this way.I do enjoy cooking but not every night as mum thinks I enjoy doing. I live in a family of 5 who all enjoy their food as much as I do and all enjoy cooking, when it suits them that is. As well as my dad, whose famous Moroccan chicken curry is a very ‘slimming dish’ (in other words – if you wanna lose half a stone overnight then try it!) I have two brothers Ajay and Arji, with me being the middle child and only girl. This may come to no surprise but I can sometimes be and always stand my ground at times when it comes to kitchen (I cook; they clean!) Being Indian and  ironically not that keen on curries, you may think i’m rather odd! But seriously my mum used to make it like three times a week, which is enough to make anyone sick of it! I mean I think I can even make one blind! And that is not an exaggeration!!-I guess you can say that’s a little skill up my sleeve.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy reading my experience, including all my ups and downs with food, odd and yummy recipes, and even my own view on the total cool and hip places to visit in London! Haa as if I really go out that much-Sorry but I have a Netflix obsession! When I eventually pull myself away from the tele, I will hopefully try and post up an experience of somewhere…

So yeah anything which is on my mind I will blog it – which I suppose is what you do on places like this?! I have to be honest again, I am a new member to the baking society, so don’t be too harsh. Having just completed a cake decorating Level 1 & 2 course which has pushed me to bake more and better, thanks to the help of my lovely tutors Pat and Rita. I’ve liked baking cakes for as long as I can remember, probably before I could even walk, but they never turned out the way I wanted them to. That was until I had realised you have to follow the recipe exactly as it is and not compromise because of what you have left in the cupboards. AND that you have to use the correct scales to measure out! So apologies in advance, If i end up posting Cupcakes every week.


Lots of Love

Anita x


3 responses to “What’s this about?

  1. Your blog is a good crazy one, I like your recipes, they are so “gourmandes” and so realistic !! R.

  2. Thanks for visiting and liking MyLittleFarmInTown! My sage advice: Baking is chemistry, so don’t mess around. Measure and weigh everything and you will be a great success! Begonia

  3. Thank you for following my blog!

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