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Cake Gone Wrong

I won’t go into too much detail about this cake. It’s exactly like the cupcake but this time I used GRANULATED sugar. No matter how many times I do this I will never learn. Okay so if you’re wondering why I re-made this simple. Because Arji was craving cakes I thought I’d quickly whip this up again, but sadly ran out of caster sugar.

I now know how to answer to “why do you only use caster sugar in cakes?” well the answer is because if it’s granulated it doesn’t combine well in the batter. That’s what I noticed and when it bakes it kinda holds the weight down so it doesn’t rise as much AND it makes the cake stodgy which ain’t nice in a cake.

bad cake


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4 Cakes in 6 Hours.

Another baking session I’m afraid. But since it was with Jenny it’s not the typical pretty cakes, just plain weird with her. So on Saturday Jenny stayed over for the weekend after meeting up for a picnic in Hyde Park with Jemma, Jenny, Ajay and Arji. Was actually a lot of fun! It was a lovely weekend with Jen, our serious talks in the garden with the chiminea smoke permanently blinding us. We had a laugh. So whilst Jenny was here she wanted to bake cakes. Now this was serious; since Jenny is the sort to claim she baked a cake when clearly all she did was add an egg and a few drops of water and bung it in the oven. Ta-Dah, Jenny’s homemade marble cake! So I gave her the basic recipes for sponges, to try at home.
Now I am not exaggerating here, it took us 6 HOURS. Really and that wasn’t decorating them like I did with Nicola. And by the end of it, I think it was safe to say Jenny and I was not ready to see another block of butter for a while. I have to admit we didn’t get hungry once whilst baking, and we didn’t even need to mindlessly nibble on a slice of cake throughout. So thumbs up on the diet side. BUT a BIG thumbs down on the whole weekend, food wise. I have to admit I still use the recipes from school and that was like 2 years ago. But I guess Mrs Abbotts would be proud. So the sandwich cake turned out lovely! As for the others…about that. (Look at the pictures, and then you’ll understand)

McDonalds Cake

so we started off making a sandwich cake, which turned out to be Jenny’s results cake. Now you’re probably thinking, “what is that?” Well Jenny has only just turned 17 and is doing A-Levels, so she has just finished the first year (A S Level) and gets the results this THURSDAY, so i made her and her friends a cake for when they go out for a meal to celebrate “all their hard work throughout the year, gone down the drain”; Jenny’s words not mine!

plain SpongeTurns into This!


So Jenny asked to make this. i would explain more but there’s more to the cake.

Maccy Ds

photo (32)

red cake

photo (22)

Excuse the Language but you can understand now their attitude towards education. Hah i sound like i’m their parents… anywho.


ugh now this looks like a disaster but tastes not bad. Jenny made out like she was having here order taken by me and i’m offering her the cakes i make. But this was a Humingbird recipe of all choc-o-late. But i don’t know to me doesn’t look all that chocolatey.

photo (17)

These were pretty cute if only they had a clean finish. for some reason they remind me of truffles, no? Jenny piped these on so that will be my excuse for looking so ‘rough’.

photo (15)

Marble Cake

I Make this all the time so i won’t eve explain this…But here’s a picture anyway.

photo (26)

Nutella Cake

so this was the last of the cakes. i can’t remember why, but  was CRAVING Nutella. so with a simple chocolate cake and Nutella frosting, you get this creature. this was purely just me being me and awkward wanting to add another cake to the mix.

photo (8)

Ta-Dah the final result with a freestyle pattern to top it off.


i don’t know why but i feel like it looks like a beast in these pictures, but i am serious it is nice!!

So i don’t know what you make of these ‘cakes’ but i will tell you this, it was fun. besides the constant mess which jenny kept cleaning up, so thank you Jenny, i did notice !

the mess


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